What's new at OrderPay.

It’s been a busy couple of months with new features & new partners galore…

Coming soon: upsell at checkout

Ever been tempted by the sweets near the till at the supermarket? Or added an extra item to your basket when online shopping?

We’re making this kind of subtle upsell available to our Pay & Go customers, with prompts to add extra items such as a dessert, takeaway coffee, or even a cookbook. 

Pay & Go upsell
OP Joint TUCO 2

News: we've joined forces with TUCO

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO). 

 The 9-year deal will see OrderPay connect students to local restaurants, with QR codes in every dorm room & a revolutionary new model which empowers students to safely make extra money by delivering food on campus.


New partner: Bellanger

Our Pay & Go solution is now live at Bellanger, as part of our rollout across the Corbin & King estate.

Bellanger is a an all-day French brasserie, bringing a touch of Parisian glamour to Islington.

Thunderbird Chicken
OrderPay x Ask For Angela

Feature: Ask For Angela

We’ve teamed up with Safer Sounds to support the Ask For Angela campaign.

We will be launching the partnership with a free webinar on Tuesday 1st February.

As part of this initiative we will also be offering a discount on safety training to venues, & highlighting these venues on the OrderPay app.

OrderPay x Deliverect

New integration: Deliverect

Our partnership with Deliverect means we can now integrate with over 100 EPOS systems, including NCR Aloha, Tevalis & Lightspeed.

Big news: OrderPay has acquired Butlr

We have acquired Butlr, furthering our ambitious plans to bring super-fast order & payment technology to as many people as possible.

OrderPay x Butlr
LinkedIn 2

Offer: take payments for 0.99%

We’re lowering our fees to support the hospitality industry.

With the average transaction rate across other providers at 1.79%, our reduced rate of 0.99% could save venues thousands.

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