Order & Pay

Take orders via web or app. See web ordering in action here, or discover a few of our app features below.


Encourage bigger baskets & a smoother experience with tabs – customers can place multiple orders & pay at the end of their visit. 


OrderPay gifts can be redeemed at any OrderPay venue, helping potential new customers discover your brand. 

Gifts are easy to personalise with a photo, & quick to send via WhatsApp, email or social media. 


Customers are 12x more likely to tip when paying digitally.

Which is why we’ve added tipping prompts to the payment screen. Restaurants taking orders via the OrderPay app can also turn on push notifications & in-app reminders to add a tip. 

We also give operators the flexibility to add service charge instead of or alongside tips.

Suggested pairings

By showing customers related products you’ll benefit from bigger baskets without your guests feeling like it’s a hard sell. More revenue for you, more snacks for your customers – everyone’s a winner.

Customer feedback

Collect valuable feedback from your customers, who can add star ratings as well as text notes about their experience.

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