Data & analytics.

Powerful tools at your fingertips

We think there is huge potential for the hospitality industry to better use data to improve & personalise the customer experience. And we’re building the tools to do it.

Track your sales

See all of your key sales data at a glance, including spend per head, tips & repeat customer rates.

You can also filter by dates, & by venue if you have multiple sites.

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Analyse your performance

Go beyond the raw numbers to find insights.

Are most customers making multiple orders or just staying for one drink? When is our quietest period? Which of our venues has the highest spending customers?

We can help you answer these questions, allowing you to take actions based on your learnings.

Get to know your customers

With product-level data you can see exactly what your customers are ordering. You can also look at how many orders they’re making, how long they’re staying, how much they’re tipping & more…

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Speak to your customers

We’ve added marketing opt-in to the payment screen, so you can encourage customers to join your database. 

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