Technology that adapts to your venue

OrderPay Lite


Whether you’re a single or multi-site operator, we’ve got you covered.

Set the brand for all your sites or tailor it for each location. Both our web solution & app will fully reflect your brand. 

We can integrate with your POS so orders go straight to your till or you can manage orders on any smart device.  


View orders by service area (e.g. Bar or Kitchen), add notes, & instantly update stock availability – with items automatically coming back in stock at a set time or when reset.

You can also manage refunds if required & adjust service availability to help at peak times.  

ticket view
order history


Gain a deeper understanding of your customers & make better business decisions with rich data collected through OrderPay.

Plus access your order history & download a report at any time.

“OrderPay ‘gets’ hospitality. They understand our business & they’ve provided great operational support from the start. It’s been a pleasure working with them.”

Louise Roberts – Programme Manager

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