Pay & Go

Take 10x more tips, with no apps & no card readers.

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The fastest way to pay

Take payments in under 15 seconds, with no apps & no card readers. Guests simply scan a QR code on the table or bill to pay from their phone.

Once scanned, customers can pay, tip & even split the bill in a few taps.

You can still take orders via your waiting staff, losing none of that personal touch but saving time at the end of their meal.

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Generate more revenue

With upsell at checkout, you can add suggested items to the payment screen to encourage extra orders – this could be a dessert, a takeaway coffee or even a cookbook.

Think of it as the digital version of placing sweets by the counter in the supermarket.

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Supercharge your staff

Our partners have found that customers are 10x more likely to tip when paying via their phone. 

And with no running around after a card reader, tables are turned faster & staff have more time to spend with guests.

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How Pay & Go helped Corbin & King increase efficiency:

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