Payment solutions for restaurants.

Faster, cheaper payments with no apps & no card readers.

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Faster payments

Venues using our Pay & Go solution are seeing 12x more tips.

Put simply, Pay & Go lets your customers order via waiting staff then pay in under 15 seconds by scanning a QR code. Customers are still seated & served by your team, losing none of that all-important personal touch.

No need to download an app & no need for card readers.

Bigger baskets

Generate extra revenue without the hard sell.

Restaurants taking orders with us can add suggested pairings to menu items, such as fries with a sandwich, or nuts with a beer.

Venues can also make use of prompts to add items to the bill at checkout – this could be a dessert, a takeaway coffee or even a cookery book.

More tips

Customers are 12x more likely to tip when paying digitally.

Which is why we’ve added tipping prompts to the payment screen. Restaurants taking orders via the OrderPay app can also turn on push notifications & in-app reminders to add a tip.

More flexibility

Let your customers order & pay the way that suits them.

With tabs, customers can keep adding to their basket & pay at their end of their visit.

Our bill splitting feature lets each diner pay their share, speeding up payment for you & your customers. 

Case study: Corbin & King

See how Corbin & King used our Pay & Go solution to increase efficiency without losing that personal touch.


OrderPay integrates with leading EPOS systems so you can sync your menus & receive your orders in one place.

Alternatively, with our standalone solution you can get set up in 48 hours & manage orders on any smart device.

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