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New feature: bill splitting

Our Pay & Go solution just get even handier. 

Customers can pay their share by scanning the QR code at the end of the meal, & even share a link for other diners to access the bill.


Case study: Pine Ridge Golf Club

We paid a visit to Pine Ridge Golf Club to see how they’re using OrderPay throughout their venue – from food in the bar to pints on the driving range & even snacks halfway round the course.

New partner: Thunderbird Chicken

Get your fried chicken fix even quicker, with Click & Collect now up & running at Thunderbird Chicken.

OrderPay Ask For Angela

Feature: Ask For Angela

As part of our partnership with Safer Sounds, we are now highlighting venues on the OrderPay app that have received WAVE (Welfare And Vulnerability Engagement) training.

Users will be able to see trained venues who are taking part in the Ask For Angela campaign, with information on how to seek help if needed.

Click the button below to take advantage of discounted WAVE training for OrderPay customers.

Curio Collection by Hilton

New partner: Fellows House

Fellows House, part of the Curio Collection by Hilton, is now taking room service orders via QR codes in every room. 

New feature: order notes

Can I have extra ice?

No ketchup on the chips please.

Could we add a candle to the cake, it’s for a birthday?!

Customers can now add these kind of notes to their order for any special requests or requirements.

Order notes
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Offer: take payments for 0.99%

We’re lowering our fees to support the hospitality industry.

With the average transaction rate across other providers at 1.79%, our reduced rate of 0.99% could save venues thousands.

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