Faster, smarter activation options

Smart Discs

Our Smart Discs are slim coasters that provide the table number and a ‘call to action’ for customers.

Customers simply tap or scan with their smartphone to open the venue’s menu – and with App Clips there’s no faster way to order for iPhone users!

Branded to you, long lasting, & quick to wipe clean.

Activation materials

Materials such as table talkers and window stickers, help customers to know how they can order and pay.

We have a wide range of artwork and templates available for use and we’ll always support you through our social channels too – click below to connect:


With our beacons, your customers won’t need to select your venue or enter a table number – the app will know their location already. Ideal for private rooms, bars, and beer gardens.

All our members receive 3 threshold beacons per venue as standard.

We keep innovating to keep you ahead