Platinum Jubilee: a right royal knees-up

Whatever your view on the royal family, there’s one thing we can all agree on: us Brits love a bank holiday, & we love going out to eat & drink. 

So we took a look at the nation’s pub ordering habits over the long weekend, to see what the data tells us about how we celebrated.

Here are our top 4 findings:

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1. We hit the pub early.

Unsurprisingly, the prospect of a weekend starting on a Wednesday got us excited. We saw a 99% increase in pub orders on the app made versus the previous Wednesday, with punters making the most of a rare Thursday lie-in. We didn’t stop there though. Thursday saw an even bigger week-on-week increase in orders, with a rise of 145%. 

Friday & Saturday were clearly the days for celebrating* from home, or attending a street party, as we saw a slight drop in orders compared to the previous week.

*Recovering, perhaps?

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2. We tipped more.

The good cheer spread to our wallets, with a rise in customers at pubs & bars leaving a tip. When paying through OrderPay, 22% of pub customers left a tip, compared to an average of 14% for 2022 so far. 

3. Aperol was our tipple of choice.

Although there’s no doubt that the Pimm’s & bubbly were flowing, Aperol was the surprise winner of most ordered drink over the Jubilee weekend. A combination of (some) sun & a party atmosphere clearly got us feeling all Mediterranean, as we saw a 165% increase in Aperol sales vs the same period the previous week.

Aperol Spritz

4. We were international in our pint choices.

Whilst red, white & blue adorned almost every inch of bunting, our beer choices were less patriotic. Birra Moretti was the most ordered beer on OrderPay over the Jubilee weekend, followed by Amstel & Heineken. The top 3 beers in London had a more local feel, with Amstel followed by beers from Tottenham’s Beavertown Brewery & south London’s Brixton Brewery.