Case study: Common&Co

Common & Co is an independent and innovative hospitality group based in Manchester. THEY CARE A LOT about people and creating a place that helps to build relationships and make lasting memories.

We caught up with Matthew, Marketing Manager of this award winning brand to ask ‘Why OrderPay’


Tell us a little bit about Common and Co?

Common&Co is all about places full of happy faces: we’ve been going for around 18 years, and currently operate 4 bars, and 2 beer festivals. We started a pizza brand called Nell’s midway through 2020 that is now what we’re probably best known for now: New York pizza served 22″, 14″ and by the slice.

Why did you decide to add OrderPay to your operations?

One of our directors, Jonny, was drawn in by the smooth interface, and the ease of use from a customer UX perspective. Our previous solution wasn’t popular with customers, and aesthetically didn’t fit with our brand, but we were loathe to make a switch due to the enormous amounts of work we thought would be involved. 

The ease of switching was what finally won us over, and we’ve been really glad we did ever since.

Matthew Durrant, Marketing Manager, Nell’s Pizza


What benefits have you seen from using OP?

From my point of view, as a marketer, the improvement in our ability to express the brand through a better interface that is more adaptable and accessible is close to the top of the list. However, for the staff in our bars, it is unquestionably the increase in tips that we’ve seen since moving platform: having previously struggled to encourage customers to tip, with the help of OrderPay we’ve conservatively increased tipping 10-fold, which has had a sizeable impact on the take-home pay of our employees. This in turn has helped contribute to lower turnover of staff, and a general trend towards members of our team being happier at work, as they know that busier periods are likely to be rewarded with a similar rise in tips.

How have your staff found using OP?

The best thing we can ever say about any technological innovation is that, firstly, there were no complaints when we made the switch over and, secondly, that our team are now so accustomed to the system (and the benefits that come with it) that we can’t imagine leaving.

2022 01 30 NellsPizza@TheBeagle 356

How have your customers found it?

Compared to our old system, customers are generally happier, and find ordering without the need to download an app a much more pleasant experience. The number of orders that we get through people ordering at the table (which had been steadily declining since the highs of the pandemic) are now steadily growing again, presumably as customers have tried out and gotten used to the OrderPay system since we implemented it 6 months ago.

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