Give a gift, help a kid

We’re matching the value of any OrderPay gifts sent from 1st – 31st December with a donation to the KidsOut charity.

Each year, KidsOut helps thousands of disadvantaged children by allowing them to just be kids, and have fun. The charity provides Christmas presents to children who otherwise wouldn’t receive any, as well as work all year round which help kids experience the kind of activities & days out that many of us take for granted.

Which is why we’re encouraging our users to spread the festive cheer with an OrderPay gift, that will not only buy your friend a drink, but make a difference to children’s lives.

OP Joint KidsOut

Sending a gift is simple. Simply tap ‘Gifts’ in the OrderPay app, choose the amount, & send it to your chosen recipient. 

So whether it’s a last minute Christmas present, or a round of drinks to get you out of someone’s bad books, your gift will go a lot further than the bar this year. 

Terms & conditions: We will match the value all qualifying gifts made through the OrderPay app from 1st – 31st December 2021, up to our target donation of £1000. The sum of all gifts from this period will be sent to KidsOut as a one-off payment at the end of the campaign.