Venue spotlight: Pho

It’s an office day. You’ve switched out your pyjamas for a moderately smarter shirt, and braved the commute clinging to a lukewarm to-go cup of coffee. It’s all muscle memory at this point, headphones on and out the door. There’s only one real crucial variable left in the day:

What are you going to have for lunch?
Click & Collect at Pho

It’s a big question, as it can make or break the work day. Nothing kills productivity like prodding at a limp salad with a plastic fork for an hour. Then again, nothing adds unnecessary pressure to a day than queuing out the door for a new hotspot, only to end up with precious minutes to gulp down your Korean fusion burrito.

Which is why I’m pleased to tell you, after extensive testing with the ever-dutiful OrderPay marketing team, Pho is exactly the lunch you’re looking for. We partnered with the nationwide Vietnamese restaurant chain to implement our Click & Collect technology, to especially accommodate for the busy lunchtime rush. And we’re proud to say, great food has never been so easy to take back to your desk.

The process is simple, so you can order in advance from your desk, or even (so I’ve heard) whilst pretending to listen to a Zoom call… At the top of the Pho website you’ll find a ‘Click & Collect’ option, where you can choose your nearest restaurant, pick a time, and browse the menu. Even with the group’s indecisiveness when it comes to deciding what to eat, the whole process took us less than 5 minutes.

Click & Collect at Pho
I opted for the green papaya salad, because, I guess I’m one of those people who orders the salad at restaurants now. It arrived fresh, and well seasoned – far beyond lunchtime memories of a few sodden leaves in a plastic tub. Mint, lime, coriander – even the sides are bursting with crisp bright vietnamese flavours, anchored by savoury notes of nước mắm (or, fish sauce).  My colleagues went for the pho, which is the house special – and I’m pleased to tell you that they’ve more than earned their namesake. The takeaway box is ingeniously designed to keep everything separate, meaning no overcooked noodles or mushy beansprouts.
Click & Collect at Pho

And the best part, OrderPay’s Click & Collect technology means you simply book your slot, pay for your order, walk in, and grab your food. Meaning you have most of your precious lunch break to hide and scroll silently through Instagram. Authentic food and no queues? Pho is the working lunch worth getting out of bed for.