Pay & Go

We've all been there: at the end of a great meal, waiting impatiently for the card reader so you can pay...

Not every customer wants to order through their phone, & not every venue wants to take all orders digitally. Which is why we’re giving customers & operators the flexibility to use our technology as much or as little as they like along the ordering & payment process. Our Pay & Go feature takes the pain out of what can be the most frustrating part of a meal out – paying for the bill. 


How it works…

  • The customer places their order through the waiter
  • After the meal, the customer scans the QR code on the table or the bill
  • They can then view & pay the bill in a couple of taps from their phone, with no need to download an app
  • A confirmation email is sent



The benefits:

  • Customers can pay whenever they choose – it takes less than 15 seconds to pay the bill! 
  • No need to wait around for a card machine, resulting in an average 12 minutes faster table turn.
  • Bigger tips – our research has found that 29% of Brits would tip more if paying digitally, & 40% feel awkward leaving a tip if the server is watching them pay. 
  • More tips – we’ve seen that our partners receive 12x more tips vs customers who pay via a card reader.
  • Digital receipts provide an additional channel to engage customers & ask for feedback.

See how Pay & Go helped Corbin & King increase efficiency:

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