We’re doubling your tips…

From 19th -31st July, we’ll be doubling every tip processed through OrderPay.

Ordering & paying through our phones has become second nature, but we want to change the way British customers think about the staff bringing that order over. We may still be called OrderPay, but we want our users to add another word to the process. Which is why we’re launching our Order, Pay & Tip campaign.

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We all know that it’s been an incredibly tough 18 months for the industry. So this is our way of giving a little something back in the short term, whilst hopefully starting a longer term conversation about consumer attitudes towards tipping. 

As you can see above, our research has shown that customers are planning to tip more. Although 38% didn’t tip regularly before lockdown, an estimated 24 million Brits plan to start tipping or tip more regularly or more generously.

To encourage this behaviour & make it habit, we’ve committed to matching all tips placed from 19th – 31st July.

We want our technology to empower our partners & the staff who work in every venue, so will continue to do all that we can to encourage tipping. Please keep an eye on your emails & our social media channels for updates, & get in touch if you have any questions or ideas about how we can further support the industry we all love.

Bring on the overflowing digital tip jar…

Ts & Cs: We will match all qualifying tips made through OrderPay from 19th – 31st July. The sum of all tips from this period will be sent to the operator as a one-off payment at the end of the campaign. It is the operator’s responsibility to distribute this to their staff. 

We reserve the right to withhold or reduce payment to anyone deemed to be gaming the system for individual or group gain & will use our discretion to assess the validity of any tips over 20% of the total bill.

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