Multi-modal ordering

You: What on earth is Multi-Modal Ordering?

Us: It’s the future.

Picture the scene – Mum loves a bit of technology so wants to order her food from her phone. Dad’s forgotten his phone so orders desserts via the server. Gran being Gran whips her phone out & orders a round of shots for the table.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that paying for all of this would be a nightmare. This is where Multi-Modal ordering comes in…

OrderPay TV Screens D2

Multi-Modal simply means you can order how you like, in multiple ways, but pay on one bill. In the above scenario, the family simply scans the QR code on their table or the bill at the end of their meal & can pay (or split the bill to charge Granny for the sambuca) from their phone.

No arguments.* No card readers.  No need to download an app.

*No arguments about ordering, we can’t stop family arguments about the sambuca shots.

Tell us a little about your venue(s) & we’ll be in touch.

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