It nearly came home, we went to the pub…

As you can see below, there is a strong link between hitting the back of the net & hitting the bar. 

In fact, we saw a 243% week-on-week uplift in orders driven by England games.

So we looked at the data to answer some big questions… what shots do England fans order when they win? Which game had the biggest impact on sales? Is there a link between goals & orders?

Step aside Lineker, & read on for our in-depth analysis of the tournament.

Capture 16

Volume of sales through OrderPay by day.

The Croatia game saw us flock to the pub far more than the previous Sunday with a 258% increase in week-on-week sales. The impact on Sunday lunchtime sales was even greater, with a 791% week-on-week rise during the hours of the match. Every game saw a strong rise in sales, ranging from +69% for the Scotland game up to +1118% for the final.

What's our celebration tipple?

As England soared, punters took shots themselves, with thousands of Jägerbombs sunk across the country. Unsurprisingly beer was a fan favourite, with Carling, Stella Artois and Estrella the 3 most ordered drinks during the matches.

The Saturday night England V Ukraine game saw 8.3% of pub customers ordering Jägerbombs, against an average of 5.9%. For one particular Jägerbomb-loving pub, this rose to 31% of customers during the final!

Did Luke Shaw cause a spike in beer sales?

In a way, yes.

As you’ll see below from our data for the final, orders dropped massively when England scored – presumably whilst we all watched the replays. But in the minutes after the goal, we got the beers in…

We saw the same trend for other incidents, such as Jorginho’s injury – drinkers keep their eyes solely on the screen for a couple of minutes then follow up with an order.

It’s hard to find positives from the final, but at least we didn’t miss goals because we were at the bar…

Capture 15

Orders by minute in the first half of the final.

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