Data Roundup: halfway through 2022 

Our political system may be falling apart, but there’s one thing you can always rely on in Britain – we will find ourselves in a pub, and often. We give to you our very own State of The Nation report. It’s a bit like the Budget announcement, but with more Jägerbombs.

La dolce vita in London

And if you were grabbing a drink around Parliament to watch the drama unfold, the chances are it would probably be bright orange. Aperol has dominated drink orders over the last six months in London, particularly during these current hazy beer garden months. But London’s love affair with Italian booze doesn’t end there, as Birra Moretti takes the title of London’s favourite beer brand. That’s amore.

But in the north of the country, Guinness remains on top, with northerners less bothered by the cosmopolitan whims of overpriced prosecco pop. Smirnoff vodka takes second place, another firm pub classic showing no sign of going anywhere soon. I mean, if it ain’t broke…

Birra Moretti

Who's getting the rounds in?

Speaking of being broke, one of the biggest differences between a pub night in different regions is the cost of a round. The average cost per order in the south-east is a whopping 20.34  compared to 7.01 in the north-east. We introduced bill splitting earlier this year to combat this potential cost-of-round crisis. 

Then it’s perhaps unsurprising that you’re more likely to get in another round when in Newcastle, with the average orders per customer a third higher than anywhere in the south-east.

Top of the tips

But in the interest of stirring up more county line rivalry, we did some number crunching to work out which cities in the UK supported their local venue staff the most. We found that Liverpool had the most tip happy customers, with 57.3% of customers leaving one through the app. 

But customers in our Cambridge venues left on average twice the amount than any other city. And not to name and shame, but Manchester and Milton Keynes *coughs* we’re looking at you.

OrderPay tipping

The bit where we blow our own trumpet

But on a personal note from us, these last 6 months for OrderPay have been incredible – we’ve processed record numbers of orders, and have partnered with so many new venues – from golf courses to piers, luxury spas to zip wire courses. (And watch this space for some big name signings this transfer window…) No matter what drink order is trending, or even who is running the country – we’ll continue to be on hand to ensure top quality service.