Bill splitting.

We all have that one friend who insists on dividing the bill by pi, multiplying it by 4 & subtracting the median age of the diners’ pets from the total.

Our research has even found that 1 in 5 Brits have fallen out with friends over splitting the cost of a meal out. 

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We’re making it easier for people to pay their fair share, without card machines. 

We’ve added bill splitting to our Pay & Go solution – hopefully saving customers an argument, & definitely saving staff the hassle of taking 5 different card payments. 

Guests order as usual, but when it comes to the bill they each scan a QR code to pay their share (and their own tip). We’ll even do the maths on an even split if we know the number of diners. The bill can also be shared on WhatsApp, taking each diner to an updated bill.

We may not be able to stop your mate ordering that expensive bottle of wine nobody else wants, but we can make it easier for you to charge him more without arguing about it in front of the waiter…

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