bill splitting by item

There’s nothing more British than awkwardly trying to work out who pays what at the end of a meal. Well, perhaps queuing, but splitting a bill might well be a close second.

So having dismantled the great British art of queuing with our ordering technology, we’re setting our sights on making us less awkward at the dinner table. At least when it comes to payments that is – there’s nothing we can do about your family’s political debates. 

How does it work?

With Pay & Go, your customers can pay their bill in seconds without asking for the card reader. And now we’ve made the process even easier.

After scanning a QR code on the table, customers select the items they ordered, pay their share, and add a tip. They can even share a link to the updated bill so the rest of the table can do the same, or everyone can simply scan and pay for their items at the same time.

Anyone wanting to pay the entire bill or choose a specific amount can still do so instead of selecting specific items – the choice is theirs.

Find out more about how Pay & Go can help your business here.